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Godspeed Brakes

RCZ-R Front Replacement Rotors

RCZ-R Front Replacement Rotors

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RCZ-R Front Replacement Rotors For Godspeed Discs and Bells

The original discs from Peugeot are very expensive, we have created a 2 piece disc and bell alternative. Once our discs are purchased you re-use the bells and just buy outer rotors which are cheaper again.

Our discs have our G hook design which improves pad bite over the OEM plain disc. Our discs are also 0.5kg per disc lighter than the OEM.

If your Alcon 4 pot calipers have not been rebuild we would highly reccomend it as ALL the calipers will eventually fail and need pistons changing.

These rotors are for use with Godspeed Bells

New hardward is included

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