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Impreza 4 Pot Stainless Piston and Seal Kit

Impreza 4 Pot Stainless Piston and Seal Kit

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Impreza 4 Pot Stainless Steel Replacement Pistons and New seals.

The Impreza's with the "subaru" Embossed 4 Pot Calipers all share a common fault, The mild steel Pistons fitted from the factory will eventually rust and sieze your calipers, Its not a case of if this happens its WHEN this happens, When this happens it could cause damage to your pads and discs, We have seen 1000's of calipers over the years with this problem. We offer in this kit the following :8 X stainless steel pistons to replace the mild steel originalsBrand new seal kit to Re-seal a pair of front calipers.

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