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Godspeed Brakes

Impreza 335mm 4 Pot Caliper Big Brake Conversion

Impreza 335mm 4 Pot Caliper Big Brake Conversion

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Godspeed 335mm Impreza 4 pot Caliper Big Brake Conversion


Here is a kit we designed many years ago to fit under 17" wheels retaining the original Subaru 4 pot calipers , the calipers are a good design with good sized pistons , for the ultimate driving and track days the discs are not big enough , the standard discs are 294mm x 24mm thick , the discs in this conversion are 335mm x 32mm thick , being thicker they can take a lot more heat , and the larger diameter offer the calipers a lot more leverage.

Braking power is hugely increased. Our discs have a separate anodised alloy bell , so will dissipated heat a lot quicker than a one piece disc , and as they are a 2 piece design , when they wear down you only need to change the outer rotor as you re-use the alloy bells over and over, Our kit also uses a larger than standard pad , we use an Aston Martin pad which we modify slightly to fit , the pads are the same length as a standard pad so still slides into the calipers , but are about 15mm wider , our pad area on our discs are also wider than the standard Subaru discs to accommodate the pads. All makes of pads and compounds are available in this shape pad , we usually supply either Ferodo DS2500, NDX bluestuff pads or Kevlar with the kit.

The kit also comes with a mounting bracket kit which includes the brackets to fit to the upright , which brings the calipers out to allow the fitment of the larger discs , the hubs will need an M14 x 2mm tap running through the existing holes in the hub , they do not need drilling out as they are the correct size , and a caliper spacer kit which widen the calipers to fit the thicker discs , the calipers need splitting in half , which is just removing the 4 bolts holding them together , fit the alloy spacers in place and fitting the longer bolts supplied . All in all the best brakes available retaining the original Subaru 4 pot calipers.

We highly recommend our 4 pot stainless steel rebuild kit when fitting this kit.

Please allow 7-10 working days for us to assemble a kit.

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