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Godspeed Brakes

Evo 5-9 Front G Hook 2 Piece Discs and Bells

Evo 5-9 Front G Hook 2 Piece Discs and Bells

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Godspeed Front Evo 5-9 2 piece G Hook discs and bells

320mm x 32mm Front 2 Piece Discs and Bells Retaining the standard Red Brembo calipers, G Hook faces, Black Anodised bells. 2 piece discs and bells have a few advantages over one piece discs , the first is they are lighter so you have less unsprung weight giving your suspension an easier time , second is they will run cooler , as the bells are aluminium they will dissapate heat quicker than an all steel disc , and thirdly as they expand when getting hot it alloys a small amount of movement on the bell so less likely to distort or warp them. When the discs wear down you retain the bells and only swap the outer rotors.

Rotors are then £350 a pair inc a set of nuts and bolts

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