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Godspeed Brakes

Chrysler SRT8 Caliper Rebuild Kit

Chrysler SRT8 Caliper Rebuild Kit

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Chrysler 300C SRT8 Brembo Caliper Rebuild Kit

Its well documented that the Chrysler 300C SRT8's have a common problem with the Silver Brembo OE Calipers. The Pistons are chrome plated from the factory and over time the chrome plating wears away and in the some cases can ever seize your calipers. We have produced a Stainless Steel Piston kit which cannot fail like the originals. The Kit comes with the following included :8 x Stainless Steel Pistons 8 x Outer Dust/Piston Cover8 x Internal Fluid Pressure SealsThis kit will upgrade the factory calipers to how they should of been made from the factory.

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