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Godspeed Brakes

BMW M2 M3 M4 Front 2 Piece Discs and Bells

BMW M2 M3 M4 Front 2 Piece Discs and Bells

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F80, F82, F87 Chassis Front 2 Piece Floating discs and bells

380mm x 30mm fully floating G hook grooved discs to fit the M2 . M3 and M4 with the Blue factory fitted 4 pot calipers, these are a direct replacement for the factory fitted discs , but our discs are fully floating so under extreme use , the discs can float on the bells slightly to not give any shaking in the steering wheel , the floating bobbins are sprung loaded so will be silent in use

Our discs and bells are bolted ready to fit straight on , but once these wear you can remove the rotor and fit new ones to your existing bells , making them even more cost effective the second time around , and 3rd and 4th ECT

Steel inserts are fitted on the bells for the bobbins to slide in , which means the bell slots cannot wear where the bobbins fit , so the bell will give many years service.

The rotors are our own curved vane heat treated ones , and have G hook grooves to each pad face to expel any gases given off the pads under hard braking , and also deglaze the pads if the pad get hot and glaze over.

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