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Godspeed Brakes

Audi C7 RS6 Front 2 Piece Discs

Audi C7 RS6 Front 2 Piece Discs

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Direct replacement 2 piece floating discs

Here we have our 390mm x 36mm fully floating discs and bells to fit in place of the standard factory fitted discs , ours come with a separate bell that can be removed from the rotor , and reused when the discs wear and need changing.

Fully built up ready to fit , ours are a true fully floating disc and bell , sprung loaded so no unwanted noises from them .

Our 390mm x 36mm curved 48 vane race heat treated race disc is perfectly usable for the road , is much cheaper than the standard Audi supplied disc , and also 1kg per disc lighter.

We do not drill any of our discs , as this causes a weak point on the disc face , and with continuous hard use , can crack around the holes , our discs have our G hook groove design , so quieter in use of other groove designs , but with gas dispersion and deglasing unaffected .

Discs are priced as pairs , and are built up ready to fit straight on

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