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335mm Big Brake Kit Replacement Kevlar Pads

335mm Big Brake Kit Replacement Kevlar Pads

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Kevlar Pads for the Godspeed 335mm Impreza 4 Pot Big Brake Kit

Our kit uses a larger than standard pad , we use an Aston Martin pad which we modify slightly to fit , the pads are the same length as a standard pad so still slides into the calipers , but are about 15mm wider , our pad area on our discs are also wider than the standard Subaru discs to accommodate the pads.Kevlar Pads are the first step up from standard, they work perfect from cold, and are quiet around town, when you want to press on they will take more heat than the standard pads, they really are a great all round pad. If your looking to do the odd track day we would suggest using a harder pad like the Ebc bluestuff NDX These pads are for the Godspeed 335mm Impreza Big Brake conversion, they will not work with the standard 294mm Setup.

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