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308 GTI Forge Motorsport Short Shifter Kit

308 GTI Forge Motorsport Short Shifter Kit

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308 GTI Forge Motorsport Short Shifter Kit

The Peugeot 308 GTI is a very capable B - road and track machine, however the driving experience is somewhat let down by the excessively long throw of the gear stick. Forge Motorsport are proud to present FMSS6, the adjustable short shifter kit for the Peugeot 308 GTI.

3D scanning and 3D printed prototypes helped to develop the best solution for this short shifter. The most important part of the development for a short shifter is to ensure that the shift cables aren’t under further deflection than when connected to the OEM. The 3D Scans allowed us to locate the repositioned ball pin along the same plane as the OEM, and then the 3D print helped us to confirm our findings before taking the design to our in-house machine shop.

As this is an adjustable short shifter, you can easily change from the OEM shift length to our reduced position with a 16mm spanner. This creates a maximum reduction of 64% per gear shift. The image below shows the difference between 3rd gear when the shifter is in its stock position and its shortest position.

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