Disc Fitment Guide

After removal of old discs the hub faces needs to be cleaned thoroughly, any corrosion left on the hub face will cause the discs to not sit properly on the hub and will cause "warped" like symptoms. We recommend cleaning with a fine sand paper and small wire brushes.

Apply a small amount of copper slip grease to the hub face before fitting the discs, this will stop any rust build up starting again.

For Brembo/AP calipers, they will need to also be cleaned thoroughly. It's very common for corrosion to sit under the small metal pad guide plates, lifting them away from the caliper and making the pads a tight fit. This needs to addressed.

DO NOT remove material from the pad backing plate if the pads are tight! Clean the caliper instead. If not the pads will jam on the disc and could damage your discs. Apply a small amount of copper grease to the backs of the pads and either end where they fit against the guide plates.

When both sides are complete pump the brake pedal to bring the pistons out tight onto the discs, spin the discs to make sure they are free to turn

You now need to bed the discs in which will chemically cure them this needs to be done over 250-300 miles of normal A and B road driving DO NOT purposely use the brakes hard in this time once you have done 250-300 miles you can start braking from speed. Brake down hard from 70 to 20 on a clear road when safe to do , do not stop still , carry on driving to cool them off , carry this out about 5-6 times and they should be ready to use in anger. You may get some fade the first time you push them very hard which is normal
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